The same deliciously familiar taste of Moby but with an added perk –
a bursting filling inside!
Moby Choco Chum is the perfect companion wherever you go!

Dig in to all the rich flavorful blends you expect from your tortilla chips with Humpy Dumpy! It’s the ultimate snack that pushes fun to the max!

Bring back the joy and excitement in your snack with Loaded. Every wafer-like coating comes with a creamy and luscious filling inside, guaranteed to deliver superb goodness all the time!

Feel the Mexican vibe with Mexicorn!
For a flavorful snack that spells
a whole lot of lip-smacking fun,
go for Mexicorn Corn Chips!
Star-shaped and blended with the
choicest ingredients to give it that
optimum taste! One bite of NutriStar and you will definitely crave for more.
It’s Star-rific!

Treat yourself to the natural goodness of sweet corn with a crunchy twist. Whether at home, school or office, if it’s snack time, make it TOMI time!

Made with the finest milk chocolate and infused with rice crispies, a bag of Choclets will surely bring more good times to you and your buddies!

Whether hanging out with friends or simply enjoying the day by yourself, make sure you always have a stash of Gotcha with you! It has the delightful combination of creamy chocolate and crunchy rice crispies that brings a burst of excitement in every bite.
Nibble some Nimble to make an awesome day complete! With three temptingly rich flavors at pocket-friendly prices, you won’t be able to resist snacking on it again and again.

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