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Loaded with fun and taste, a truly remarkable corn chip snack that has Cheese, Choco, Nutty Choco or White Choco fillings inside each pack. Once tasted, it will surely turn you upside down with its rich flavor!

Available in Chocolate, White Chocolate, Nutty Choco and Cheese flavors.

Each Nutristar flavored snack is packed with real goodness, you’re bound to bite it everytime, anytime. Made only from high grade ingredients and flavors to give that truly terrific taste.

Available in Cheese Flavor.

For over a decade now, Humpy Dumpy has been bringing out the smiles of its happy consumers with its supreme corn chip snacks. With its new packaging design and a deliciously better taste, you will surely enjoy it more!

Available in Chili & Garlic and Buttered Cheese flavors.


The same deliciously familiar taste of Moby but with a difference –a bursting filling inside! Moby Choco Chum is a perfect chum in whatever you do!

Available in Choco Burst and White Choco Burst flavors.

When one craves for sweet corn, Tomi comes to mind as it is synonymously referred to as "the sweet corn snack." It has proven its leadership in sweet corn-flavored snacks to the delight of kids and adults alike.

Available in Sweet Corn flavor.

Treat your self to the distinctively satisfying chocolatey taste of Nimble.

Available in three luscious flavors – Milk Chocolate, Mocha and White Chocolate.

A luscious chocolate bar laced with rice crispies, adding fun and excitement in every crackly bite. It will definitely tickle your taste buds and satisfy your craving for chocolates.

Available in Milk Chocolate and Choco Malt flavors.


Bursting with excitement in every crushing munch of Choclets. It is a unique combination of chocolate and crunchy rice crispies that chocolate lovers cannot resist eating again and again.

Available in Milk Chocolate flavor.