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It takes two to have fun – PeeWee and you! This zesty treat is relished in three great-tasting tangy flavors all perfect as an anytime, anywhere snack.

Available in Sizzling BBQ, Pizza Supreme and Spicy Chili flavors.

Lavishly sprinkled with real cheese flavor, this wholesome and nutritious snack offers a truly satisfying taste that is loved by kids and adults alike.

Available in two flavor variants - Regular and Cheese & Ham flavors; in 7g, 25, 60g and 95g

Whether you munch it or simply let it melt into your mouth, you just can’t get enough of Moby’s Chocolate and Caramel Puff. No hulls, no hard kernels and no preservatives but with lots and lots of creamy flavors to please everybody’s taste buds.

Available in Chocolate and Caramel Puff flavors.

Wanna nibble a healthier fun snack? Ri-chee is the best for you. Fortified with calcium glazed in “milky” goodness, this is one snack eagerly anticipated by kids in their lunch boxes as a break-time treat.

Available in Milk flavor.

Equally exceptional and irresistible to the taste, Okeji delivers just the right idyllic crispiness and amount of delectable “Tempura” flavor that will positively trigger a new taste sensation.

Available in Tempura flavor.

NutriStar is made only from high-grade ingredients distinctly blended with premium Chicken BBQ flavor to give it that optimum taste. One bite and you will definitely crave for more. It's Star-rific!

Available in Chicken BBQ flavor; in 7g, 23g and 60g.

The exciting goodness of Ri-chee is now also offered as a ready-to-drink pack via the new fruit flavored milk drink for healthy, adventurous individuals who live life to the fullest. Whenever you are hanging out and having fun or just simply enjoying the day make sure you always have a stash of Ri-chee Fruit-Flavored Milk Drink with you.

Available sizes: 110 ml and 250ml size variants.

Temptingly creamy chocolate drink that will bring melody into your mouth and will awaken your resting buds in every sip. It has the same delicious chocolatey taste of your favorite Moby snack. Indulge in its three zestful sizes of 110ml, 250ml and 1 liter packs.

Available sizes: 110 ml, 250ml and 1Liter packs